About Qatar

The Qatar Peninsula is an Arab country whose terrain consists of desert and a beach overlooking the Persian Gulf. Doha is the capital that is also located on the coast, and is known for its futuristic skyscrapers and other modern architecture very inspired by ancient Islamic design, such as the Limestone Museum of Islamic Art. The museum is located on the city's waterfront promenade.

Geographic Location

Latitudes 24° 27' and 26° 10 North

Longitudes 50° 40' and 51° 40 East


Total land area of Qatar is approximately 11,636.8 square kilometers .The area was calculated based on the total Zone area for census 2020.


Shari'a (Islamic law) is the principal source of legislation

Flag of the State of Qatar

The national flag of the State of Qatar has the color of red ruby (Ladaam) crossed white color, with a nine heads carried out in the maroon color.


Qatar is dominated by a desert climate. Its summers are hot, with annual averages ranging between (30 - 50) degrees Celsius during the summer months, and its winters are warm between (8 - 22).

Capital City

Qatar’s capital city is Doha (in Arabic, ad-Dawḥa, which means ‘the big tree’)


Qatar has a population of about 2,404,776 million.


Islam is the official religion of the State of Qatar


Arabic is the official language of the country

Rulers of Qatar

Qatar Map 1995 and 2019