About MyMap

Through "My Map" you can prepare your own map, using the following tools:

  • View data at different geographic levels.
  • Filter data .
  • Calculation of distances on the map .
  • Print the map .
  • Add symbols and texts .

Data Filter

Start Color
End Color

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Add Symbols

  • Click on Re Load Symbols button , to load symbols again .


Steps to calculate Distance

  • Zoom in to area of your intrest.
  • Press and Drag the mouse pointer on the map to draw a line, to calculate the length of the line.
  • The line will be added to the map.
Press CTRL to enable snapping

Add Text

  • Enter your Text in the box shown below.
  • Zoom in to area of your intrest.
  • Click on Map.
  • The Text will be added on the map.

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BaseMap Gallery

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Print Map

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